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5 tips for buying a dog bed

It is essential that your dog has its own place and its own bed where it can rest and relax. Not only that, a comfortable dog bed will ensure that your furniture is free of fur and doggy odor. Here are five tips to help you buy the ideal dog bed for your pet.

  1. You must weigh and measure your pet: Take a measuring tape and measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail. Measuring in this manner is especially useful for pets that like to stretch when they lounge so that no part of the dog is outside the bed. Next weigh your dog because certain beds are based on the weight of the dog, especially the larger dogs. Remember there are no standard sizes in dog beds hence, you must choose a bed based on your measurements.
  2. Choose the place for the bed: This is an often-neglected point by dog owners but the place can be a decisive factor in the shape and size of the bed you wish to purchase. If you choose to place it in an area prone to droughts then you must pay attention to the stuffing and insulation; or if you choose to keep it in a smaller area near the table, then pay attention the shape – odd-shaped beds occupy more space.
  3. Decide important features: If you have an aging pet or one suffering from arthritis or joint paints you can choose the Therapeutic dog bed which is designed to provide more comfort to aging dogs. It is made of memory foam which conforms to the body shape and size and is supportive in nature.
  4. Color and style of choice: Choose a color and style that is in tune with the rest of the furniture in your house.
  5. Washing instructions: Pet beds get dirty and must be washed to maintain hygiene. Look for easy to maintain beds.