Day: March 13, 2018

How To Find The Time To Shop For Weight Loss Diets

Oh, busy-busy life!

When I was in college, I thought to hit the gym floor every day even when I had back to back classes was something so easy that back then made me think, “look I am doing this since the last three years and I am sure I will continue with this for a lifetime!” how wrong could I be!

When I started working, my mornings sometimes were pressed into last-minute rehearsing for an upcoming office meeting and presentation, and afternoon meal would sometimes be only a grab and go affair. Evenings, I would sometimes say two or three days in a working week manage to swim for an hour of walk on the treadmill after which a small pool game and I was done for the day!

But marriage was a different game!

Boy! With my first pregnancy, I was dying to get out and walk but my matronly duties kicked in and I would spend a lot of time doing abdomen crunches only. I had put on a lot of weighing on my midriff and I went on all sorts of diets. These were diets that I read about and spoke to people like friends, neighbors, and acquaintances including old classmates and colleagues.

But I realized nothing really was helping. On some days I would be so down with depression because even a small improvement on the weight front would make me feel ravenous and I would end up eating a big portion almost setting off any weight loss in the first place.

Here is what I learned at

This website happened to me at the right time. I was almost slipping into some sort of depression and it saved me the trouble of going through counseling sessions! The site gives a complete lowdown on how and when must one start a diet. A diet needs to be tailor-made for everyone. There is no one diet that fits all! This was eye-opening; a rather scientific approach to losing weight. I am so glad that I explored this website before I made any drastic changes to my food habits. It could have a negative long-lasting effect to try something that does not agree with your body!…