Furnishing the living room need not be a costly affair. There are several budget-friendly options that can give a new look to the living room. You can use just about anything to create a unique one-of-its-kind effect in your living room; all you need is a bit of creativity and some patience to scour some second-hand shops.

Rugs and Carpets: Invest in rugs and carpets to spruce up the living room. You can find affordable rugs in discount home shops, end of season sales, box stores. You can also dye an old carpet and give it a new lease of life. Rearrange your furniture so that it is sitting on the rug and the flooring is seen around it. This arrangement also gives the room a compact feel.

Embellish: You can upgrade old pillows by embellishing them or by adding tassels, rhinestones or buttons. Invest in fabric lampshades and throws and decorate them creatively.

Second-hand stores Look out for coffee tables, armchairs, wooden cabinets at second-hand stores or on gumtree classified online. You will be surprised to find some great stuff at throwaway prices here. I bought a bean bag cube online and now I love to sit on my bean bag cube most of the time I am at home. When you buy at such shops just imagine the piece of furniture in your living room alongside the other furniture and then go ahead.

Paint: The right paint and wall design can transform a room. Paint the walls and the small Knickknacks like vases, picture frames, and outdated bowls and give them a new look and new identity.

Artwork: Pieces of art always add to the character of a room. Place a console below a canvas and some of these redecorated items on it to create a space with a personal touch.

Don’t forget nature: Add a dash of nature to the above by placing some pine cones in a glass bowl. You can, in fact, spray gold on dried up branches and hang them as pieces of art on the wall.

Thus, you see you don’t need to shell out every single penny you have to fill up your living room.…

Raincoats differ in terms of the materials and fabric used for their designing and manufacturing. Similarly, they are also classified based on whether they are soft shelled or hard-shelled. Now, what does these two mean? Let`s take a look at them and get to know more about our rain protectors.
• Hard-shelled raincoats – raincoats that come with a water repellent feature and that enables the body of a person covered in it to breathe out the water that sneaks in is what is called a hard-shelled raincoat.
• Soft-shelled raincoats – these are just the opposite of the above wherein the raincoats of this kinds come without the above-specified qualities. Clearly, the ones that cannot stop water or are not water-proof jackets fall under this category. But breathability is a possibility here and your body will be able to breathe out water.
Basically, any raincoat should do the job of repelling water from entering inside as well as breathe out the water that enters in or the sweat of a person. The second quality is of very meager importance because we generally do not sweat when it is raining cats and dogs outside but still in cases where it is just drizzling and you need to necessarily go out with a raincoat, it becomes essential for the raincoat to absorb all the body sweat and let it out. So a raincoat that can do these two jobs efficiently can actually be called a rain jacket. There are some jacks that do this job efficiently but if you want to buy the best men’s rain jacket visit this site.
The main reason for anybody to go out with the raincoat is to escape the rains and if a raincoat cannot do this, there is no point in using them and they can very well walk in the rains and enjoy their beauty or switch to the good old umbrellas.…